Street Name: Abby Normal

Birthname: Unknown Race: Elf Birthplace: Probably somewhere in northern California Birthdate: Unknown

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Very little is known about Abby Normal before she rose onto the shadowrunning scene. She is known to have participated in several shadowruns in the Sacramento area, serving as a wheelwoman and counter-spider. It is unknown if she was a self-taught gearhead with some decking skills, or had more formal training. Most notably, she was part of a team that performed a modern-day bank robbery by stripping of valuable information and then destroying the mainframe in the Bank of America headquarters building in Sacramento with the aid of her local teen recruit, Rhea. She and Rhea gained a level of local notoriety in the Sacramento shadows after the event. They wanted to get out of dodge and put the word out that they’d take out-of-town jobs, which resulted in them being tapped by a local fixer looking for a decker and rigger to aid a team in Las Vegas. She and Rhea accepted and went to Vegas.

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