Shadowrun All Stars: The Early Years

Before there was organization or cooperation among any of the All Stars, some of them operated independently for a brief time, and some always operated independently. What arose out of the melting pot was a few cliques that chose to stick together.

Da Boss

The earliest of them would be Da Boss whose overall Shadowrun history is shallow. He migrated to Seattle after leaving Detroit and Ares. He took with him his apprentice he called simply “Kid.” Kid was a rather large troll, probably not even eighteen when they made for Seattle, and helped Da Boss with heavy lifting and served as a gunner on runs in exchange for learning all Da Boss had to teach him. Da Boss lamented leaving Ares, persisting in using only Ares products, while he served as a mechanic for gangers and an occasional wheelman for hire. Some remarked that his obsession with Ares could only have been caused by Black ICE or some other brainwashing. If this every really happened, no one, including Da Boss, has any knowledge. From his perspective, Ares arms and equipment is simply superior (or at least can be made so with a few tweaks).

As a runner, he offered extensive knowledge of Ares and exceptional rigging capabilities. He operated a heavily modified Ares Roadmaster, with armor, rotating vehicle ID, nanopaint, the whole deal. Kid operated the pintle-mounted LMG in the back of the van. As necessary, Kid would throw open the rear doors unleash with a furious roar of the gun at whoever may be tailing them. Da Boss only participated in a handful of runs over several years before Kid was killed in action.

After Kid’s death, Da Boss moved to Denver in the mid-50s where he acquired a permanent location garage located beneath a freeway on the boundary of the CAS and UCAS sectors. From here, he did some legitimate mechanical work, but most of his income came from his vehicle modifications for local gangs and mafia. His Shadowrunning remained dormant until it was resurrected by his involvement with the local Shadowrunner calling himself Cog.


From nearly the very beginning, Dosojin enmeshed himself within the Yakuza of Seattle. He undertook several missions for the local Oyabun, which have tended to include those that “send a message.” Much of this involvement has been against the Seattle Mafia, including demolishing one of their nice restaurant hideouts, kidnapping, and other acts of intimidation. He was once sent to Philadelphia as a deniable counter-intelligence asset on behalf of the Yakuza and Mitsuhama to follow up on and potentially infiltrate a group that was investigating Mitsuhama involvement in a run against Fairlight Industries, a subsidiary of Cross Applied Technologies. Shortly after returning from Philadelphia in 2054, Dosojin made the decision to return to California. He reunited with several friends and formed a Shadowrun team around himself consisting of now x-Combat Biker Kevin “Red Streak” Owens, a decker calling himself Grey Mouser, and an uprooted troll Hell Hounds go-ganger from Seattle named Marcus Schultz. Dosojin’s honor had crossed with Yakuza and corporate politics, breeding a man destined to set things right on his own backed by trusted friends.

The London Team originally consisted of Caliber, Flick, Rhea, and Ren. After the formation and proof of loyalty, Tox was added to the team.

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