Street Name: Angel

Birthname: Virginia Brennan Race: Elf Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland Birthdate: 17 March 2027 Other Aliases: Monet

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Angel was born in Ireland before it became and moved to Boston in 2034. She became a naturalized UCAS citizen. A devote Catholic girl who decided she’d spent far too much time confined by her religion. When she graduated Lynn High School, an All-Girls Catholic Academy, she broke out into the streets and never looked back. She quickly attracted a cohort of like-minded, mostly elven females of Irish, or Irish decent, and ravaged the streets of Boston for several years with the Spinners go-gang, where she was known as Angel. She excelled at street fighting and knew a hodgepodge of moves from a handful of martial arts. She adopted the use of the katana, like so many others, as it was very popular at the time. Her magical skills as a physical adept helped keep her at the top of the heap in Boston for years. She traveled to Belfast, Tir na Nog in 2050, returning in 2052 to Philadelphia where she was approached to do a run for Fuchi. Tempted by the money, she fell into shadowrunning where she used the moniker Monet. Her first foray into shadowrunning was a disaster and ended before it could be completed. She went to ground and began establishing an all-elf go-gang out of Trenton, New Jersey, operating out of an abandoned church until she became enmeshed in the fallout of her single previous shadowrun.

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