Street Name: Beans

Race: Elf Birthname: Birthplace: Unknown. Probably somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Birthdate: Unknown. Probably around 2030.

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Beans has a passion for explosives and explosions. From this he derived his self-ascribed street name: Beans give you explosive shit! Coupled with a love affair with grenades and plastique, he is adept at martial arts, specializing in the use of the katana, further enhanced by his nature as a physical adept. In a jam, it’s a Browning Max Power and a racing bike to live to fight another day. Due to his amateur approach to shadowrunning and sometimes overconfidence, it has been assumed that his training is unprofessional, leading to the belief that he grew up on the streets, probably originating in the Redmond Barrens. He may have been a part of a Seattle Go-Gang.

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