Street Name: Da Boss

Birthname: Race: Dwarf Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan, United States. Birthdate: 11 April 2018 Other Aliases: Boss

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Da Boss grew up as a poor kid on the mean streets of Pontiac, Michigan. Being a dwarf just made life harder, but also made him tough as nails. He was a bonafide gearhead and made a successful name for himself performing upgrades and mods for local go-gangs. He also performed flawlessly in school, granting him the opportunity to go to school on an Ares Mechanical Engineering scholarship. After five years at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, he moved to Detroit and began working at the very bottom of an Ares R&D team. While he was an obsessive devotee of Ares Macrotechnology, he was stifled as low-man on the R&D team. He began using his position to gain access to equipment, ultimately developing his own shop on the side where he got to be Da Boss, as his apprentices called him. When Ares found out about his side-project and ill-gotten goods, he fled into the shadows with a troll ganger apprentice, setting up shop in Seattle, and serving as a wheelman for the odd job and expanding his business of gang service.

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