Street Name: Dosojin

Birthname: Kenji Yoshiro Race: Human Birthplace: Birthdate: Other Aliases:

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Dosojin is of mixed-heritage, having a Japanese father and a Hispanic mother. He was an independent operative of the Seattle Yakuza during the early and mid-2050s. Hailing from California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Dosojin migrated to Seattle to seek better employment opportunities. Dosojin fits, perhaps better than most, the definition of a Street Samurai – filled with cyberware, living by a code of honor on the SINless streets, taking whatever jobs presented themselves to make ends meet, all while wielding a katana.

Dosojin is a reference to Japanese Komi (spirits) which protect travelers from evil spirits. Actively follows Combat Biker. During his time in Seattle, a close friend from his youth was a member of the Seattle Timber Wolves Combat Biker team. Dosojin would sometimes see his friend play.

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