Street Name: Flick

Race: Human Birthname: Birthplace: Camden, New Jersey, UCAS Birthdate: 2031 Other Aliases: Ruse

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Flick was born in a revitalized portion of Camden, New Jersey, across the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia. He grew up in a decent, middle-income family in suburban Philadelphia. Through his older brother, he became drawn into the seedy underworld of the Philadelphia, and later, the Atlantic City Mafia. He was drawn into a life money, gambling, and women at a time that was just beginning to discover and explore his magical abilities. The Mafia were quick to notice his budding talents and offered to help train him, teaching him to control his abilities in return for service to the Mafia. Flick quickly took advantage of the opportunity and by his late teens found himself a regular part of the Boardwalk Mafia of Atlantic City as a sort of magical enforcer known as Ruse. He filled the role well, filling his free time with the world of high-stakes gambling and sex until the day he was tasked with securing and moving a recently acquired magical power focus to Philadelphia. Instead of taking the powerfully magical glaive to Philadelphia, he skipped town, getting as far from Atlantic City as he could, finally coming to rest in the Barrens of Seattle.

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