Street Name: Ren(raku)

Race: Human Birthname: Martin Huxley Birthplace: Oceanside, California Birthdate: 2029 Other Aliases: Fitch

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

Ren was born in Oceanside, California, the son of a United States Marine. He grew up in north Long Beach, where his father served in Port Security after retiring from the Marines. He was heavily affected by the loss of his older brother in the Aztlan occupation of San Diego in 2037, having never heard from him again. Ren learned and adopted many of his father’s hobbies, including scuba diving and sailing. As a rebellious teen, growing up in the shadow of El Infierno (the walled city of Compton, to keep in the rabble), Ren experimented with involvement in a street gang, but nearly as quickly abandoned it, setting his sight on following his father’s footsteps into military service. He chose the corporate route and worked his way into Renraku’s Special Operations Division. He rose into undercover surveillance, serving in several counter-intelligence operations in western North America before being tapped for an undercover operation in Las Vegas. He was captured by shadowrunners during the operation and proved to be the only survivor of his team, appealing to their humanity to allow him to live and offering his resources. They began calling him Renraku.

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