Street Name: Rhea

Race: Human Birthname: Rhiannon Michaels Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia or Boston, Massachusetts, UCAS Birthdate: 27 May 2033

Pre-Shadowrun Background:

It is unknown whether Rhea was born in Russia or the UCAS. She speaks Russian as well as English, however given her surname, her mother is likely Russian. Her parents immigrated to the Greater Sacramento area of California when she was a child. She grew up in a California torn by the strife that followed the establishment of the California Free State in 2037. She threw herself into computers, learning how to manipulate the developing Matrix. Before she completed high school, she had self-taught herself decking and began pushing into secure networks for the challenge of it. Through developed contacts in the local Sacramento Matrix underground, she came into contact with and was recruited by the novice shadowrunner Abby Normal. Rhea assisted Abby with small-time information gathering and decking operations for a couple of years until they were tapped to aid a shadowrun team in progress.

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